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    Please Continue to Remember in your Prayers 

Pennsylvania State Trooper Martin F (Marty) Mack III                                     and his family.

Marty was a member of the Michael Dougherty AOH                                         Division 1.

Trooper Mack was tragically killed in the line of Duty                         on Monday March 21, 2022. 


               Suaimhneas síoraí deartháir

                                     Rest in Peace Brother 




Welcome to the Hibo's

Welcome to 


   Welcome to the historical Ancient Order of Hibernians Michael Dougherty Division 1 in Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Our Division started in 1883 in Bristol Borough Pennsylvania by a group of forward looking Irish gentlemen. In 1891 this group of Hibernians raised enough money and purchased a parcel of property from the Corson family farm in Bristol area known as the Kettle .  In 1892 these Hibernians then built their Hibernian Hall. It still stands where they built it and has been in constant use as our Hibernian Hall since the beginning of 1893. Consequently we have the oldest Purpose built, same location, continuous use Hibernian Hall in the United States.  Our Division is considered the Irish Center of Bucks County because our Division is the first, it is the oldest and largest AOH Division in Bucks County. 

Over the years our members have stood for and upheld our Organizations Motto " Friendship, Unity, Christian Charity". By Doing so the Irish men of Division 1 have been able to provide community services for needful charities over all those years, including, charitable food kitchens and services, local Churches, School assistance, sports programs and of course great get togethers. 

Our initials AOH may tell the story best. There are those who say it means Add One Hour and are describing the easy going, no rush attitude of many of its members, while America’s Only Hope has been used to define the loyalty of the Irish to the principles of their adopted land. In any case, its members are best described by the statement,

       "To be Irish is a Blessing, To be a Hibernian is an Honor."






                                               Check the Events page for up coming events  



          Look forward to pop up special events  More info to follow via email and on Facebook. 


Check the bulletin board for more on the club and food service


If you did not get a chance to donate yet please send an email to and we will respond with ways that you can donate and or help out in some way. 

I and the Members of Division 1 would especially like to thank all of the members of 

AOH Bucks County Division 5 the James F. Cawley Sr. Division for their continued support and greatly appreciated generosity to our Division throughout the pandemic shut down.



_________________________________________________________________________________________________The next AOH Division 1 Golf Outing is scheduled for Friday June 2nd, 2023 at the Bensalem Country Club. More info will follow later. Thank you to all that have helped, played or supported us in any manner in the past. Please consider to continue helping us some more.  With your help we can continue our charitable missions in the area  Thank You  
















 Click on EVENTS for further related events and details










Our History
What's New?
Are You Irish?
Get Involved

Current Officers

President:  Jeffry P. Sproehnle
Vice President:  George Maar
Treasurer:  John Rooney 

Financial Secretary:  Robert Moyer
 Recording Secretary: Kevin Loughran 

  Standing Committee Chair:  William J. Smith

Marshall:  John Haney III
Sentinel:  Bill O'Hara

Trustees:  Scott Moyer, Kevin Delaney, Tim Hammond,

and Nick Ramsey

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