Happy Fall to One & All


It is my pleasure to announce that we are approaching almost normality,  We are attempting to open for more hours for the benefit of our members.  Being open for more time provides the opportunity for further education of our newer members and continuous Irish historical education for all members. More and more members are coming out to the meetings and gathering socially in the club Hibo's pub.

I hope that all are safe and everyone that wants or needs to be vaccinated gets it as soon as possible, I know many have been. 


Our club is now open on Wednesday's, Thursday's, Friday's, Saturday's, Sunday's and every other Tuesdays for the pool team. Live Music has resumed on Friday nights. Come on out to cheer on the dart teams on Wednesday's and have a blast at trivia on Thursday nights , everyone attending so far have been having a great time so come on out and support the club.  Check our Facebook page for more info. 

Check the Events page for up coming events  ( Fall Fling )  (AOH building replica collectible


 Look forward to pop up summer special events  More info to follow via email and on Facebook. 


Check the bulletin board for more on the club and food service


If you did not get a chance to donate yet please send an email to bristolaoh@gmail.com and we will respond with ways that you can donate and or help out in some way. 

I would especially like to thank the members of AOH Bucks County Division 5 the James F. Cawley Sr. Division for their continued support and greatly appreciated generosity to our Division throughout the pandemic shut down.



                Go bhfanfaidh Beannacht Phádraig

                          ar do ghuaillí i gcónaí


                                                         May the Blessings of St. Patrick                                         always rest on your shoulders






               Fan go sábháilte agus go bhfanfaidh tú SLÁINTE









The AOH Division 1 Golf Outing was a great success. Thank you to all that helped, played or supported in any manner. Without your help we would be in dire trouble. 
















 Click on EVENTS for further related events and details










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Current Officers

President:  Jeffry P. Sproehnle
Vice President:  George Maar

Treasurer:  Kevin Delaney
Financial Secretary:  Robert Moyer

Recording Secretary: Kevin Loughran 
Standing Committee Chair:  William J. Smith
Marshall:  Tony Klimowicz
Sentinel:  David Carmody

Trustees:  Scott Moyer, Terry Hughes Sr., Matthew Moyer,

and Kevin Fallon