Happy Spring to One & All


Ok we survived another truncated St. Patrick's Day however we are on the road to recovery . We had a fabulous musical event when Birmingham Six came and played in the hall. Everyone that attended had a great time and were treated to a lot of our great Irish Music. Thank You Birmingham Six. 

I hope that all are safe and everyone that wants or needs to be vaccinated gets it as soon as possible, I know many have been.  Our club has been open on Friday's, Saturdays, Sunday's and Meeting nights since the summer. So please come down and enjoy.  The Governor is ending most restrictions at the end of the month so maybe we can get back to some normalcy. 


 Saturday May 8th, 2021 is the Spring Fling, Bar opens at two and tickets start getting pulled at 4pm till 5:30 every five minutes.  

The Shanty's (fully vaccinated) are due to marvel us with great Irish Music following the Fling starting at 6pm In the Bar 

We will have a fabulous and bountiful basket of Irish Cheer to raffle off. It is valued at over Six Hundred Dollars so come on down Friday evening or Saturday and get your chances they are only $5 apiece (must be 21yoa to participate) 

We re-opened the Hibo's Pub in Late June , we re-arranged furniture and allowed for social distancing and physical barriers to accommodate our members. We then registered for and underwent the PLCB self certification  process and I believe we were the first in Bristol to do it. We have been safely open since then with no issues or incidents caused by the pandemic.  We have also added a small food menu to comply with PLCB regulations. 


Check the bulletin board for more on the club and food service


If you did not get a chance to donate yet please send an email to bristolaoh@gmail.com and we will respond with ways that you can donate and or help out in some way. 

I would especially like to thank the members of AOH Bucks County Division 5 the James F. Cawley Sr. Division for their continued support and greatly appreciated generosity to our Division throughout the pandemic shut down.



                Go bhfanfaidh Beannacht Phádraig

                          ar do ghuaillí i gcónaí


                                                         May the Blessings of St. Patrick                                         always rest on your shoulders






               Fan go sábháilte agus go bhfanfaidh tú SLÁINTE









AOH Division 1 Golf Outing               Friday June 4th, 2021 

The AOH Division 1 Bristol, PA will be holding it's 26th Annual Golf outing this year. The outing was renamed the AOH Div.1 , Frank Frazier Memorial Golf Outing  in honor of longtime golf committee chairman Frank Frazier two years ago. 

         The Golf outing will be held on Friday June 4th at the Bensalem Country Club, So you need to get your reservations in for your foursomes as soon as possible.  Please contact George Maar at his email geomaar35@gmail.com or bristolaoh@gmail.com  and we will forward the foursome sheet as well as the Ad book forms. We need all the support that we can get since suffering severe losses while being closed for most of the year in 2020. 

         Sponsorship fees start at $30 a hole. Show your support of the Hibernians and help benefit worthy causes ! Please get your ad book and foursome forms in quickly as we have always filled up fast. Then return them to the AOH, Attn Golf Committee 614 Corson St, Bristol Pa 19007 by May 1, 2020. 

You can now pay for your golfing through our site:  

You can pay for each individual golfer and also all Ad's and sponsorships by clicking on Membership then Merchandise then pick the appropriate button for what you are paying for. All transactions will go through PayPal.   

SPRING FLING    Saturday May 8th, 2021   

Tickets to be pulled from 4pm till 5:30pm 

(tickets are sold out but you are still welcome to come down and enjoy the festivities)


 Here it comes the Hibo's Spring Fling it might be a beautiful day So we are looking to do it outside in the tent again.  The plan is to have a barbecue menu so we will start serving food at about 3pm till the event is over, everyone in attendance will have to pay a $5.00 cover charge for food. 

We will pull tickets from 4pm till 5:30pm 

each winning ticket is thrown back in to the mix so you have multiple chances of winning even with one Ticket ask Marci she won three times in one night on a single ticket.  When the Tickets are all pulled everyone will be welcomed to hang out at your favorite real Irish pub at the Hibo's

We will have a fabulous and bountiful basket of Irish Cheer to raffle off. It is valued at over Six Hundred Dollars so come on down Friday evening or Saturday and get your chances they are only $5 apiece (must be 21yoa to participate) 
















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