At this time I would like to Thank everyone who has answered our request for donations to help alleviate the lack of income from being shut down during this pandemic crisis. Through your generous help we were able to pay our bills and keep our head above the water so to speak. Hopefully some more generous members and friends of the AOH will step up and help further.

I would especially like to thank the members of AOH Bucks County Division 5 the James F. Cawley Sr. Division for their continued support and greatly appreciated generosity to our Division throughout the pandemic shut down. 


We re-opened the Hibo's Pub in Late June only to shut down for a few weeks because of pandemic issues. We reopened after that in a limited fashion in the Hall for a few weeks until the State congregation limit was changed and we were allowed to re-open the downstairs bar. We re-arranged furniture and allowed for social distancing and physical barriers to accommodate our members. We then registered for and underwent the PLCB self certification  process and I believe we were the first in Bristol to do it. We have been safely open since then with no issues or incidents caused by the pandemic.  We have also added a small food menu to comply with PLCB regulations. 


Check the bulletin board for more on the club and food service


If you did not get a chance to donate yet please send an email to bristolaoh@gmail.com and we will respond with ways that you can donate and or help out in some way. 




                           Nollaig Shona do chách


                                                     Merry Christmas to all






              Fan go sábháilte agus go bhfanfaidh tú SLÁINTE










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Marshall:  Tony Klimowicz
Sentinel:  David Carmody

Trustees:  Scott Moyer, Terry Hughes Sr., Matthew Moyer,

and Kevin Fallon

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